6 Effective Tips to Protect your SPine with Desk Job

Technology is ruling the world and most of the industries are driven by technology intervention. This has laid the culture of digital workplaces. You have to sit on workstations for 7-8 hours a day.

How Does a Desk Job Affect Your Spine?

This can have several consequences on your health. Talking about these, you not only suffer from the problems affecting your vision but you are also more likely to get affected by the spinal health problem. You tend to sit most of your day and it adds a burden on your spine. It is pretty common to develop spine health problems with this kind of work routine.

How Does a Desk Job Affect Your Spine?

My uncle who used to work in the tech industry developed spine health [the problem of that severity that he ultimately has to go to the chiropractor for the treatment. I accompanied him during his visits to a best chiropractor and seeing his situation gave me the lesson that protecting your spine is relatively easier than spending your later life visiting doctors.

How to Prevent Spine Damage with Desk Job?

The damage due to sitting can be severe but not impossible to avoid. You can increase your risk of developing spine problems in one way or another Here is what you can do to protect your spine with a sitting job.

 1- Core workout

You may agree or not, but your core gets most affected by your sitting job. Core including your abdomen, pelvis and backside area. Sitting can affect your core and can weaken it. Thus, it is really important to do a core workout a few times a week to prevent damage to your spine. Depending upon your preference you can go for core strengthening workouts such as leg raises, sit-ups, planks etc. 

2- Move more

Spine problems don’t come all of a sudden and can begin even before you realize. Start as minor trouble and can grow huge making it difficult to live a normal life. You are more prone to such problems if you are somebody sitting on your workstation for long hours. Rather than suffering and finding your treatment in medicinal options, it is better to prevent the damage. Be mindful that moving more is your best friend if you want to protect your spine. 

3- Change your sitting positions frequently

No matter how long you have to sit in one place or another, the way you sit creates a difference. So, to prevent damage to your spine, make sure you are sitting right and not putting too much pressure on your spine. Try to keep your spine erect while sitting and don’t sit with a bent spine for hours. To improve your sitting position, you can invest in a comfortable office chair.

4- Take breaks

Any activity that is done regularly surely damages your health. No matter how harmless it seems to you, it can still be potentially dangerous for you. Breaking this cycle and doing something in between can be of great help in improving your health. So, if you are on a desk job you need to take frequent breaks. You may walk in between or simply stand or engage in any other physical activity to help your body relax.

5- Stretch your body well

No matter how stressed your body becomes after sitting for hours, you can help your muscles relax by stretching those. Muscle stretching not only makes your body flexible but it is also important for your muscles to relax and work well later on. Have stretching breaks and enjoy being a cobra or any other stretching position you like. 

6- A standing desk might help you

Another tip to keep your spine healthy with a desk job is by looking for the alternative option to sitting. Rather than sitting, you can start thinking about a standing desk that not only keeps your spine healthy but also improves your performance at work. 

Bottom Line!

Your spine is important as it keeps you standing. Not only this but your spine health is also important for all other reasons. Many of our lifestyle habits can cause irreparable damage to our spine. Following these tips alongside regular checkups can surely help protect your spine with a desk job.





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