Bowflex C6 bike

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“There was wind, hail, sleet, and snow. If you enjoy biking, you don’t want to be in these conditions.”

If you prefer the experience of a cycling studio, you may not want to drive to a class.

Indoor cycling bikes offer a low impact, convenient cardio workout from the comfort of home.

The Bowflex C6 is an appealing option as it is designed to provide a more affordable alternative to luxury brands.

You may wonder if the Bowflex C6 is a good deal.

The article gives a comprehensive review of the Bowflex C6 to help you decide.


  • Quiet ride is offered by magnetic resistance.
  • Smaller footprint than other bike options.
  • It comes with a 1-year JRNY membership.
  • Financing options are available.
  • “Doesn’t require an app subscription.”
  • There is a charging port for your device and a tablet holder.


  • It is difficult to assemble.
  • “Doesn’t include a touch screen.”
  • “Doesn’t have automatic trainer control like some other bikes.”

The brand has been making quality exercise equipment for over 35 years.

In addition to home exercise bikes, the brand offers treadmills, stair steppers, elliptical machines, free weights, and home gyms to help people achieve their fitness goals.

Bowflex currently offers two indoor cycling bikes, including the VeloCore and C6, with the C6 being the more affordable option.

The Bowflex C6 is a design similar to those of bikes you would find at an indoor class.

The C6 is designed to accommodate users of different sizes, thanks to its padded seat and 4-way handlebars.

The bike has toe cages on one side and is able to support users up to 330 pounds.

The C6 is heavy. The center resistance knob has 100 microadjustable levels. The bike is suited for all fitness levels.

Unlike the VeloCore and other high end spin bikes, the C6 doesn’t include an integrated touch screen.

You can use a phone or a tablet to stream live and on-demand fitness classes from your favorite fitness apps.

It also includes an LCD, which tracks your speed, revolutions per minute (RPM), distance, calories, and resistance level.

The bike has a set of 3-lb. to help you engage your upper body. The dumbbells are about the weight of the 1.4- kilo ones.

The Bowflex C6 bike is about 5 feet tall and 13 feet wide. You will also want at least 15 in. There is a clearance above your head while riding.

Bowflex C6 quick specs

  • Dimensions: 48.7 × 21.2 × 51.8 in. (123.7 × 53.9 × 131.6 cm)
  • Weight: 112 lbs. (50.8 kg)
  • Max user weight capacity: 330 lbs. (150 kg)
  • Warranty: 10-year parts, 3-year parts and electronics, 1-year labor
  • Resistance: 100 levels, magnetic
  • Screen: LCD screen
  • App connectivity: JRNY, Peloton, Zwift, and other third-party apps
  • Other features: Bluetooth-enabled heart rate armband, set of 3-lb. (1.4-kg) dumbbells, USB port, dual-sided pedals, device holder

Streaming capabilities

Unlike many other bikes, such as the SoulCycle At-Home bike or Peloton Bike+, using the Bowflex C6 “Doesn’t require an app subscription.”. What’s more, you’re not locked into just one fitness app option.

Instead, the C6 allows you to stream classes from your favorite fitness apps, including Peloton, Sufferfest, Rouvy, FulGaz, Tacx, TrainerRoad, and Zwift, using your own device.

“Some apps require integration with a workout machine. You will still be able to enjoy trainer-led classes from the comfort of home, even though you won’t be able to take advantage of these features.”

The JRNY app is compatible with the Bowflex C6 and it is not required. A free 1-year subscription to the JRNY app is included in the purchase of a C6 bike.

The JRNY App offers on-demand classes and real-time coaching and tracking. It also allows you to stream music to keep you motivated while you ride.

A JRNY membership gives you a variety of classes, including a bike, treadmill, HITT, whole body, yoga, and strength.

JRNY memberships allow you to watch any of the above video services from any of your existing accounts.

The Bowflex C6 is currently available for $999 and includes free shipping and a JRNY app subscription.

Special financing options for qualified customers can lower your payment to just $50 per month.

Each purchase includes a number of warranties.

  • 10-year period.
  • 3-year on electronics
  • One year on labor.

You can get an extended warranty for $109 which will cover labor for up to 5 years.

If you want to have someone help you set up your bike, you can get in- home assembly for $129.

Customers say that assembling the bike can take over an hour. You will probably need more than one person to help assemble the bike as parts are heavy and some steps require extra hands.

“You can pay for expert in- home assembly, which costs $129. The bike’s box is moved into the room, the bike is assembly of the bike, and the bike’s packaging materials are removed.”

It is easy to change the resistance with a twist of the resistance knob once the bike is assembled. The C6 has 100 resistance levels so you can fine-tune your workout, unlike some smart bikes that have trainer control. Reviewers like that the bike runs quietly and that the pedaling feels smooth.

The seat height is adjusted via the seat post knob, and you can move the seat positions with the adjustment handle. The handlebars can be adjusted in four different ways.

Wondering how to watch your workouts? You will need to set up any workout apps you want to use on your phone or tablet and then place your device in the media holder. The C6 has a port for charging your device.

The bike has a heart rate wristband that you can use to track your heart rate.

The Bowflex C6 is a solidly built stationary bike with plenty of training options for beginner and advanced riders alike.

“The C6 is ideal if you want to save money or use multiple apps, as it doesn’t require a monthly subscription service.”

If you prefer a bike with high tech extras, such as a touch screen, you should consider a different product, such as the Bowflex VeloCore or MyX.

The customer reviews for the Bowflex C6 are very positive.

Most customers feel that the bike is an affordable option for home exercise bikes, and it is well-built.

It also gets good reviews for being sturdy, even during intense sprints.

No product is perfect. Some users complain about the quality of the pedals, while others find the graph difficult to read.

“There aren’t enough seat or handlebar adjustment options to perfectly match their height, a few customers say.”

Still unsure of whether the Bowflex C6 is the right home exercise bike for you?

Here is how it stacks up to its competitors.

Bowflex C6 Peloton Bike Schwinn IC4
Price (MSRP) $999 $1,445 $999
Dimensions 48.7 × 21.2 × 51.8 in. (123.7 × 53.9 × 131.6 cm) 59 × 23 × 53 in. (149 × 58.4 × 134.6 cm) 48.7 × 21.2 × 51.8 in. (123.7 × 53.9 × 131.6 cm)
Weight capacity 330 lbs. (150 kg) 297 lbs. (135 kg) 330 lbs. (150 kg)
Flywheel 40 lbs. (18.1 kg) 38 lbs. (17.3 kg) 40 lbs. (18.1 kg)
Resistance levels 100 100 100
Cadence tracking yes yes yes
Dumbbells 3-lb. (1.4-kg) weights included purchased separately 3-lb. (1.4-kg) weights included
Warranty • 10-year frame
• 3-year parts and electronics
• 1-year labor
• 5-year frame
• 1-year parts, electronics, and labor
• 10-year frame
• 3-year parts and electronics
• 1-year labor
Memberships • not required
• 1-year JRNY trial included
All-Access Membership ($44/month) required to access full content • not required
• 1-year JRNY trial included
App compatibility • JRNY
• Peloton
• Explore the World
• Strava
• Rouvy
• Zwift
• TacX
• FulGaz
• MyFitnessPal
• Google Fit
• Apple Health
Peloton • JRNY
• Peloton
• Explore the World
• Strava
• Rouvy
• Zwift
• TacX
• FulGaz
• MyFitnessPal
• Google Fit
• Apple Health
Screen • LCD
• device holder
21.5-in. (54.6-cm) touch screen • LCD
• device holder

The Schwinn IC4 and Bowflex C6 are nearly identical besides a few minor differences in their appearances.

It comes down to style preferences or if one is on sale, which is the reason for the decision.

The bike is more expensive than the other one. You can take full advantage of the performance tracking in the app, as it includes an integrated tablet.

If a touch screen is a high priority, you may want to check out the MYX II bike, which retails for $1,399 and includes a 21.5-in. (54.6-cm) display.

The VeloCore starts at $1,699 and is a unique riding experience. The lean mode allows you to lean the bike side to side for a serious core workout, while being used as a stationary cycling bike.

The touch screen is available in two sizes.

Is the Bowflex C6 the same as the Peloton?

The Bowflex C6 is a different type of bike. The Bowflex C6 can be used with JRNY, Zwift, and the other apps. The Peloton requires special cycling shoes, comes with a touch screen, and is compatible with a subscription.

Can you use the Bowflex C6 without a subscription?

You can use the Bowflex C6 without a subscription. JRNY membership is included with your purchase.

Is the Bowflex C6 the same as the Schwinn IC4?

The Schwinn IC4 is almost identical to the Bowflex C6 but there are some differences. If you are trying to decide between the two, it is advisable to keep an eye out for a sale on one of the bikes.

The Bowflex C6 Bike is an affordable alternative to the pricier models.

“It doesn’t have high tech features, but it still has a challenging workout thanks to its heavy flywheel and 100 levels of magnetic resistance.”

You can use your own device to stream classes, and the C6 allows you to choose the fitness app that works best for your budget.

Before starting a new exercise regimen, make sure to talk with a healthcare professional.