Can CBD Help Support Your Immune System?

It can be CBD stressful, and you want to stay healthy. Taking extra precautions to protect your immune system is a must. The endocannabinoid (ECS), is responsible for many functions within the human body.

Our immune response is one of these functions. Our bodies create compounds called endocannabinoids to support the ECS. These messages relay important information to our EC receptors regarding what our bodies need.

What Does This Have To Do With CBD?

CBD and other cannabinoids act in a similar way to our own endocannabinoids. They support the ECS in an extremely natural manner. Our ECS helps to restore balance in our bodies, a condition is known as homeostasis.

Our body will be able to regulate and support proper immune function when it is in balance.
The immune system is complex and there are still many things to learn about it. We are excited to see more research on the connection between CBD and the  immune systems.
It seems that the ECS as well as CBD are essential for maintaining a functioning immune system.

There are many myths about staying healthy in the face of weather changes due to the complexity of the immune system. Let’s dispel some of these myths and then we will discuss the best ways to prevent sickness.

Busting Myths Regarding Immune Health

Many people have heard the expression “put on your coat or you’ll get a cold!”. However, recent research shows that winter sickness is more likely to be due to more time spent indoors (to avoid the cold) as well as more contact with others who could pass viruses to us.

Let’s dispel this myth and look at some preventative steps that will keep you healthy this winter.


To avoid weakening your immune systems, stress is the most important factor. Stress can quickly wear down your immune system, increasing the likelihood that you will become ill from germs.

Stress can be common during holidays. Meditation, regular exercise, mindfulness, and meditation can all help to reduce stress. There are many ways to reduce stress during the holidays. It doesn’t matter what you do, as there are plenty of options. We don’t care about HOW you manage stress. We just want you to do it!


It is crucial that we get enough quality sleep to repair our bodies. If we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies lose the ability to produce infection-fighting antibodies.
A CBD supplement taken before bed can help you relax and get deeper sleep. There are many things you can do in order to get better sleep.


Island Products recommends that you use a supplement only as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. Although things like managing stress and sleeping well will always have a greater impact than supplements, we do offer some suggestions that may help you boost your immunity.


CBD is a powerful tool that can help you maintain your body’s balance, as we have already mentioned. Incorporating CBD into your daily life will prove to be a great way to help you stay balanced and activate your ECS.


The use of mushrooms in Eastern medicine is widespread. They have been proven to be a strong immune sidekick. Mix reishi mushroom powder from a high-quality source and enjoy your morning latte with it.


Echinacea has been proven to increase white blood cell count, which can help fight infection and colds. You can try a herbal echinacea spray or a bag of tea with dried echinacea.


Vitamins can prevent an infection from ever happening. You don’t need to take vitamins if you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Vitamins are already found in the foods we eat.

We are aware that there are many treats available at this time of the year, and we don’t recommend you stop enjoying them. However, this doesn’t mean that you should abandon your healthy lifestyle. Healthy meals can be eaten between holiday gatherings. You can also fit in some exercise when you are able.


Vitamin D is important to include in your vitamin D supplementation due to the decrease in sunlight. You have two options: either buy a high-quality vitamin supplement or search for fortified milk, cereals, and other foods.


C Vitamin  is the best-known immune booster. Vitamin C can be obtained by eating citrus fruits (such as grapefruits, lemons, or oranges), bell peppers, and kale.


E,Vitamin  an antioxidant, is a powerful tool to fight infection. Vitamin E can be found in nuts, such as sunflower seeds, almonds or peanuts, hazelnuts, avocados, and mango.


1 Zinc is a mineral that helps in healing and keeps your immune system strong. Zinc can be found in legumes, seeds, nuts, and soy products.

Before your holiday gathering, make sure you eat a healthy diet, such as a green salad, and drink green juice. You’ll be a blessing to your immune system!


Hydration is essential for your body to eliminate toxins and other harmful bacteria. Water is not a substitute for it. Avoid sugary drinks, alcohol, and soda. If you feel the need to drink more, you can try herbal teas, or flavor your water with herbs.

To stay hydrated, your body needs 1/2 of your body weight in ounces daily. 75 ounces of water per day is sufficient if you are 150 lbs. It is not always possible to drink that much water, but 35 oz daily is better than none. Do your best!

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