Chargefeel is a shoe that combines the bounce of a running shoe with the stability of a strength shoe, and it is on sale in stores and online now.

Chargefeel by Lululemon low-top and mid-top shoes

“It felt like they had dropped the last piece of their puzzle when they announced they were entering the footwear space. LLL fans can wear the brand’s clothing from head to toe.”

First up, we met Blissfeel — the women’s running shoe designed specifically for the female gait (don’t worry fellas, men’s shoes launch in 2023). Lululemon researchers scanned more than 1 million women’s feet to create the supportive, bouncy shoe that quickly sold out after it dropped. Soon after, the Restfeel slide arrived.

Now, the third drop in the company’s line of 2022 female footwear releases has arrived. Chargefeel is a cross-training sneaker that combines the best of all their shoe releases into one stylish design.

We reviewed the product and wrote a pros and cons review.

Chargefeel comes in 14 colors, sizes 5 to 11, and two different styles: mid-top and low-top. Mids are priced at $148, while lows are slightly cheaper at $138.

Chargefeel Mid Women’s Workout Shoe:

Chargefeel by Lululemon mid-top cross trainer shoe
  • The highlight yellow.
  • White..
  • The silver drop is small.
  • The peach is called Prosecco.
  • Pink/blush is what the name is for the woman.
  • Black..

Chargefeel Low Women’s Workout Shoe:

Chargefeel by Lululemon low-top cross trainer shoe
  • Lemon ice.
  • White..
  • Pink Clay is a peach-blush combo.
  • The purple color of the Magenta.
  • Light Sage.
  • Light colored.
  • Black..
  • The anchor is gray with blush detailing.

The low-tops will feel more stable and secure, while the mid-tops will offer more range of motion. The uppers are likely not different in performance benefits, so choose what suits your preferences.

The core team of 30 footwear experts were hired by Lululemon to design their shoes. Chargefeel is a shoe that combines the benefits of a running and strength shoe to provide bounce and forward motion, ideal for agility training and lifting.

A dual-density foam is used for high impact workouts.

These are for people who want to sting like a bee and float like a butterfly.

We had the chance to ride the mid-tops. We only had a week with them, but we tried a variety of workouts, intensity levels, and time periods to get the full effect of the shoes.

How we tested Chargefeel

  • Completed 6 workouts in 6 days:
    • Monday: 30-minute workout.
    • 60-minute weight training on Tuesday.
    • 45 minutes of circuit training on Wednesday.
    • 45 minutes of strength on Thursday.
    • Friday: 3-mile run.
    • Saturday: 45 minutes of dance fitness
  • Tried multiple ways to wear the shoe:
    • ankle socks
    • mid-rise socks
    • laces are tied tight
    • laces were tied a little looser.

The highlights: Chargefeel is light, comfortable, and supportive. We suspected the mid-top upper would cause a rash or blister at some point, but thankfully it moves with your ankle (kind of like a sock) and doesn’t irritate — even after 60 minutes of high intensity work. The mid-rise style also looks flattering and unique, which was an added bonus.

One might think the shoe is sentient based on how well it locks in when you want stability and how quickly it glides or springs when you want to sprint, which we gave Chargefeel major points for responsiveness. There was no tripping over bulky toe grips while performing.

Chargefeel feels like an extension of your foot.

Our only con is upkeep. The rubber bottoms are intended for indoor use, which is a key perk of this shoe. If you plan on taking your workouts from the gym to the park, you should expect the bottoms to get blunt pretty quickly, and for almost $150 a pop, it might not be a sneaker you want to replace often.

Chargefeel is available in limited stores throughout North America, China, and the UK. You can also snag a pair at Lululemon’s website.