Do You Want To Live Up To 120? Scientists Found the Way

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British scientists believe that they have discovered how one can live up to 120 years …


What he needs is to walk more, watch what he eats (especially in terms of fats, sugar and salt). and take the beneficial, existing drugs. Such as statins (they are the cholesterol-lowering drugs).

These conclusions come from a new report entitled “What is aging? And how do we delay it? ” (What is aging and how can we slow it down) and was written by the British Longevity Science Panel.

According to the scientists in the report, aging is due to problems in cell division i.e. The proliferation of cells that plays a major role in the growth of the body and in repairing the damage that occurs daily.

However, during the natural process of division, mistakes often occur. The appearance of which is favored by lifestyle habits such as smoking and alcohol overdose.

In addition, overconsumption of food accelerates cell division, resulting. In on the one hand creating the necessary conditions for the formation of mutant cells, on the other hand. Accelerating the death of cells, each of which has a finite lifespan.

All of this causes the body to age prematurely.

This can be seen not only in the wrinkles and other obvious signs of aging, but also in the way the organs work.

“The aging process is biologically complex, but all the evidence we have suggests. That lifestyle and diet play a key role in whether or not one has a long and healthy life,” she said. Dame Karen Daniel (sass “Dame” is a British title of nobility for women, the equivalent of “Sir” for men).

The members of the Commission emphasize that there is no “magic pill”. That gives eternal health, nor indications that the expectation that such a pill will be found is realistic.

However, some medications and supplements that already exist, combined with the aforementioned lifestyle changes, can significantly affect survival.

Such preparations include statins which also have anti-inflammatory properties. The immunosuppressive drug rapamycin (used to suppress the immune system in transplant patients) and resveratrol (present in the skin of red grapes).

The authors of the report state that although today few people live to be 110 years old, with the adjustments. That many recommend, they can reach 120 years of age in good health.

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