Moms are special. They are CEOs, entrepreneurs, server, caretakers, full-time parents, and overall bosses.

They are our best friends, teachers, trusted advisers, and humans with their own needs and emotions. Moms deserve some self-care.

Give mom the gift of a little me-time this year and she will be able to relax, refresh, and re-center.

Price guide:

  • $ = under $10
  • $$ = $10–$30
  • $$$ = $31–$50
  • $$$$ = over $50

Price: $

“The joy of children’s coloring books is married to the beauty of meditative adult coloring books.”

The book is designed to help mom and child work on an activity together. Turn coloring time into quality time to strengthen your bond.

Price: priced per month, anywhere from $-$$ per hour

“With the juggle of work, laundry, meals, scheduling, and on and on, moms need that extra help more than anyone. Don’t be surprised by the tears of gratitude that will come with this gift.”

“AskSunday is a virtual assistant service that can connect your mom with a real-life agent to complete virtual to-dos such as booking travel, researching summer camps, and more. With a couple of items taken off your loved one’s plate, who knows, they may just find a spare moment for themselves.”

Price: $$

The Littlest Warriors is a company that is on a mission. The T-shirt is meant to spread awareness about children with special needs, but every mom is an advocate. 10 percent of sales go to a good cause, so giving this shirt to a friend is a no-brainer.

If you want a product that your fierce protector will love, you can choose from a tea mug, decals, and hoodie.

Price: $$$$

“The first sip of coffee is one of the most enjoyable things in life, and this mug is the only mug mom will ever need again. The ceramic mug with the temperature control can keep mom’s beverage piping hot even if she is having a bad day.”

The mug is full of first sips. Ahh.

Price: $$

This diffuser serves a dual purpose as an aromatherapy diffuser and a humidifier for air that feels more gentle on the nose, lungs, and skin.

If mom could benefit from some extra sleep or relief from soreness, headaches, anxiety, or menopausal symptoms, consider adding in the right essential oils to the diffuser’s water reservoir. It’ll smell great, create a soothing atmosphere, and improve air quality.

Price: $$$$

Running around all day, concentrating intently on screens, and being exposed to sun and environmental elements can all affect our face. The NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device is a great way to help your mom get her skin looked after.

Think of it like face yoga, but without the time commitment and only the results. The painless microcurrent device helps improve facial contour and makes an excellent addition to a soothing, regular skin care routine as part of much-deserved self-care.

Cost: $199

Price: $$$$

This glass water bottle is more than just beautiful or eco-friendly. The crystal-laden canteen is a great conversation piece and infuses daily affairs with what some say are healing reminders.

Plus, with a water bottle so pretty and unique, drinking plenty of water is easy — and hydration is one of the best ways anyone can treat themselves, down to its benefits on skin, mood, energy, and overall health.

Price: $$

After a long day of mom-ing, your favorite person definitely has a few spots that are stiff, tight, and knotty. When life doesn’t permit a 90-minute shiatzu session on the massage table, moms can still treat their muscles to a hurts-so-good kneading with myofascial release balls.

Rolling out the connective tissue is a great way to decrease pain and improve mobility, which will surely be appreciated during the next playground romp, and increase range of motion, which is so important for longevity.

Price: $-$$ (subscription options available)

The crystal or stone in the vegan bar soap is chosen to represent different energy flows. These soaps remind us to shower time as a healing moment of self-indulgence, rather than another mundane chore.

These soaps are designed to bring certain energies into daily practice. Buy soap that matches the sign of the bar or mom.