If you are a member of the LGBTQIA+, you are very happy! You are part of a group of people. It is amazing to discover who you are and be able to live your life out loud.

“It is not that simple for many people. There are many barriers to getting healthcare. People don’t have support from their families.”

Things are changing, but many LGBTQIA+ people still experience stigma and discrimination. This increases the risk of depression and death by suicide. But when people have access to gender-affirming care, mental health improves.

There are several factors that can improve your health. You will be better able to be your queer self when these are in place.

One of the most protective factors is having a supportive network of people around you. Bonus if they’re other LGBTQIA+ folks.

Everyone needs a crew and there is room for everyone. There are things that can help you live loud and proud.