How ImprimisRX Is Helping People With Dye Allergies Get The Medications They Need

ImprimisRX is Making Medication Accessible — Here’s How They’re Doing It

For people who are living with dye allergies, it can be tough to enjoy food, drinks, and even take medication. At ImprimisRX, trained pharmacists work with physicians every day to help patients get the medication that they need — without the dyes and other additives that their bodies are unable to handle.

Here, we’ll take a look at common dye allergies, why many pharmaceutical companies use dyes in medications. How choosing compounded medications from ImprimisRX can make life easier for people who live with dye allergies.

What Are Common Dye Allergies?

Dye allergies affect about one in every 25 people.Some people who experience allergies. To medications may not actually be allergic to the active ingredient in the medication, rather, they’re allergic to the dye used to color the medication.

Red, yellow, and blue food dyes are often used in both over-the-counter and prescription medications. Yellow food dye is more likely to cause allergic reactions than red or blue food dye. It can be tough to tell whether a medication has a certain type of dye just by looking at the color. Often, food dyes are combined in order to create a specific color of medication. It’s important that people who are affected by dye allergies carefully read the inactive ingredients list on their over-the-counter medications and talk with a pharmacist about their allergy (or allergies) before taking prescription medications.

For some people, it can be difficult to take their medication when they’re allergic to certain types of food dye. Most over-the-counter and prescription medications are sold in just a few forms. It’s tough to find dye-free versions of medications that are typically sold with dye.

Symptoms of a dye allergy can include hives, headaches, facial swelling, difficulty breathing, and more. Often these symptoms are easily mistaken for an allergy to something else or a symptom of a patient’s illness. If a patient suspects that they may be struggling with a dye allergy, it’s important to talk to their physician right  away.

Why Are Dyes Used In Medications?

There are many reasons why dye is used in medication. Some medications naturally have a color that can fade over time, and pharmaceutical companies. Prefer to add a dye to their medication to provide a uniform color for patients. Dyes can also be used as a part of a marketing campaign, as companies may want patients. To associate the color of their pills with the company’s logo.

How Compounded Medication From ImprimisRX Can Help

Dyes are not a necessary part of prescription or over-the-counter medications. Compounded medications from ImprimisRX can be an excellent way for patients to get the medication they need, without any of the dyes that make them sick. Compounded medications are specially designed by a patient’s physician and created by an ImprimisRX pharmacist. The patient’s physician is able to prescribe exactly what the patient needs — without any dyes or other additives that can make them sick. Patients who are interested in getting dye-free compounded medications should talk to their physician about working with ImprimisRX.

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