How to be successful in music production

Nowadays, anyone can start their music production career with as little as a laptop and headphones. The music industry has become accessible to aspiring producers and artists, and now it is easier than ever to reach out to big labels to present your tracks. However,

what will set you apart is not your tools but your skills. You don’t have to do everything yourself, of course. If you came up with a great song, but struggle with mixing and mastering, feel free to reach to our specialist at In this article, we will talk about the skills you need to master to become a great producer.

Always try out different styles and genres

It is always important to be versatile and adaptable. When you try writing in a new style that you would usually avoid, it could teach you many things. You can even apply some of the skills you learn to your preferred genre of music. For example, bring elements of jazz to pop music or combine gospel and hip hop. These experiments create interesting and somewhat unexpected combinations. You can try writing with new instruments. If you’ve been using keys to write your

songs, try switching to strings. You are going to be amazed by how much it can

change your perspective. It is also good to try out new plug-ins. Different

plug-ins offer new possibilities to sculpt your sound.

Create a system or a structure

If you are at the beginning of your career, we envy you because the earlier you start organizing

your space, the better. We recommend that you create a system of folders for your samples and plug-ins. Get very specific and sort out your samples and plug-ins by their characteristics. Yes, it does take a lot of time, but the final goal is to optimize your workflow and avoid unnecessary fidgeting.

Be mindful of what you need to improve

When you are learning music production, it can be helpful to be as objective as possible with your songs. Be honest with yourself and ask what areas need improvement. Use reference songs and compare your tracks to these songs. Remember that you shouldn’t get discouraged because your music is not as good as you want it to be. Your goal is to write down all the areas you need to improve and then ask for help. Many newbies are afraid to ask for help, but it’s the key to getting better.

Train your ears

It is without a doubt important to be able to determine the key of the song and the chords by ear, but one of the crucial skills you should develop as a music producer is the ability to hear what sounds go together. An enormous part of music production is looking for the sounds that complete each other and seem like a whole rather than separate elements. One way to do it is to deconstruct songs. Listen to your favorite track several times, each time focusing on a different instrument. Thus you will learn what each instrument is doing and how all the sounds work together in unison.

And last but not least is to be patient

Learning music production is a very complex process, so don’t worry if you don’t get on the first try, just keep at it, and you will get there.


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