Is Greece quitting smoking

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The “adventures” of tobacco with Greek legislation and the protection of public health With the motto “Greece extinguishes the cigarette”. A motto that made many smokers smile ironically, in 2009 the Ministry of Health (again) set an ambitious goal: from July 1 to clean public spaces, workplaces, cafes, Livers and restaurants from the clouds of smoke.

The description of the Wines that followed the ambitious law may have come from the pen of Rene Gossan. The creator of Asterixis and Obeli. “You were in 50 BC. All of Galatia is under Roman occupation… All? No. “A village of rebellious Gaul’s is still resisting and will forever resist the invaders With these words began every adventure of the Gaul’s and Associations with the anti-smoking law are more than obvious. As disobedient smokers continued to light cigarettes unhindered after the imposition of the Trees. Somehow, the intentions for smoke-free spaces were lost somewhere in the summer, in the lack of control mechanisms, in the very “windows” of the law and, of course, in the “revolution” of the Greeks.

Anti-smoking law

From September 1, 2010, the Ministry of Health returns determined to put order and ban “smoking” and with banners smoking in all enclosed public places. With one exception – and this until June 1 and 2011. The entertainment centers µwith live music over 300 sq. According to what has become known, from 50 to 500 euros will cost smokers each violation. Depending on how many times they are “recurrent”, even more severe will be the fines for shop owners as they will start from 500 € and will reach up to 10 thousand. While the 5 recorded violations will cost the operating license of the company.

Finally, for the smokehouses located in the workplaces, as from September 1st this “window” seems to be closing and smokers will be allowed to light only cigarettes at the entrance of the building or on the roof. Finally, of course, in all kinds of advertisements that promote tobacco products.

Smoke the Stones!

The “adventures” of tobacco under Greek law are lost back to the distant 1856, when on July 31 of that year a royal decree was issued “on the prohibition of smoking in public offices and shops.” Reason for the ban? Fire prevention The legislator will return in 1945. When the relevant law comes into force that prohibits tobacco traders from giving gifts or coupons – lottery tickets. While 7 years later a health decision prohibits smoking in all means of public transport. It would take until 1979 to ban smoking in hospitals and clinics. While a 1980 ministerial decision aspires to ban smoking completely indoors, a decision that will remain on paper for many years to come.

You are in 1990 when a ministerial decision “eliminates” cigarettes from domestic flights, while in 1993 smoking will be banned again in health services.  The calendar shows the 1st of August 2002 when a new sanitary regulation prohibits. Smoking again in public places, means of transport, health care units and health shops. Thus, the places for non-smokers are “inaugurated” in cafes, bars and restaurants and the relevant signs are posted. Which inform where smoking is allowed and where it is not Of course, somewhere along the way. The non-smoking areas are filled with smoke. From the adjacent tables and the implementation of the ban is lifted in practice. Until the latest laws come that want to “extinguish” the cigarettes for good.

The reactions…

At a time when anti-smoking organizations are facing tougher penalties and penalties with restrained optimism. Including the State Council’s appeal against the “windows” of the previous law. Coordinating body for action against the universal ban on smoking. In fact, the professionals in the field of catering think as a last resort to refrain from paying VAT. They have already started to ask for signatures, while they have also sent a letter with their positions to the Prime Minister, the ministers and its parties. opposition. “The universal ban deprives citizens of the right to choose. You ask that everyone can choose where to sit and that there is a special sign “, says Mr. Dimitris Arvanites, owner of a café in the center of Athens, member of the Board. The Athens Chamber of Commerce and the Coordination of Catering and Leisure Professionals.

The logic of the choice is based on the results of a recent MRB survey conducted on behalf of the kiosk-tobacco sellers. Regarding the behavior towards tobacco products. This poll showed that 75% of respondents agree with the separate and specially designed spaces for smokers in bars and restaurants. While 8 out of 10 request special smokers in businesses and workplaces. . “In Poloidal, which is drowning in pollutants, the inhabitants do not have the right to choose,” said Mr. Arvanites, emphasizing that this is where the business of survival comes into play. “In France, tens of thousands of shops were closed and the total turnover fell by 40%. “In Croatia, due to the implementation of a similar law, there has been a drop in turnover by 80%, while in other countries. Such as Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, they simply continue to smoke,” he says.

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