Microderm MD by Trophy Skin

You probably know about microdermabrasion. It is a skin care treatment that gently removes the outer layer of the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of sun damage, scarring, and fine lines.

A dermatologist or an esthetician can perform microdermabrasion. It can be considered expensive, so it may not be a good choice for some people.

At-home skin care devices are a cost-effective and convenient alternative, although they may not provide the same results you can get at a dermatologist’s office. But if you’re looking for an at-home alternative, the Trophy Skin MicrodermMD, a system for at-home microdermabrasion, may be a good option to try.

You should read more about this product and see if it is right for you.

MicrodermMD is a home microdermabrasion system. The system uses a handheld device that claims to provide professional results. It plugs into a wall outlet and has an screen to select settings.

The handheld device has an interchangeable tip at the end. It has three tips.

  • The standard diamond tip.
  • The tip is called the “exclamation point”.
  • The tip of the needle.

You can use the tip of the MicrodermMD by gently dragging it along the skin. This takes about 5 minutes.

The MicrodermMD offers deep skin removal that can help improve skin texture and tone. It makes the skin smooth and supple, it makes the skin look brighter, and it makes the skin less prone to infections.

The device Product absorption is improved. when you apply a treatment after each use.


  • It provides deep exfoliation.
  • The extracts have a lot of gunk in them.
  • Product absorption is improved.
  • Smooths and improves the appearance of the skin.
  • It is cost-effective to use in-office treatments.
  • A real diamond tip is used.
  • includes 3 tips
  • There are 3 treatment modes and 8 levels of intensity.
  • The screen shows routines.
  • It can be used on the face and body.


  • The investment is higher than before.
  • After each use, the filter must be replaced.
  • Replacement tips and filters are required.
  • The price point is higher for similar products.

MicrodermMD is for anyone who wants an at- home alternative to professional microdermabrasion.

It has anti-aging benefits and is a great choice for people with dull skin.

The device is a good choice for anyone who wants to improve the absorption of their skin care products.

If you have any medical or skin conditions, Trophy Skin recommends checking with your doctor first.

The device has a handheld wand and screen. The tip of the wand is touching the skin. The settings are adjusted using the screen on the LCD. Choose between eight levels of treatment.

The tip of the wand can be changed depending on the benefits.

  • The standard diamond tip.exfoliates the skin.
  • The tip is called the “exclamation point”.unclogs pores.
  • The tip of the needle.Product absorption is improved..

The system includes a power source and a cleaning brush.

A magnifying mirror is included to help you look at your skin up close.

It is 11 x 8 x 10 inches. The component comes in three different colors.

MicrodermMD is often on sale for less than $200.

You can purchase MicrodermMD directly from the manufacturer’s website.

It’s also available on Amazon.com and select online retailers.

MicrodermMD is easy to use. Follow these steps to use at home.

  1. To prevent makeup from getting into the filter, you should start with a clean face.
  2. Plug the device in and turn it on.
  3. Pick between the three interchangeable tips if you need a new filter in place.
  4. The manual and automatic modes are available on the screen. The latter is for beginners. There is a mode for sensitive skin.
  5. You can watch the screen as it shows you a microdermabrasion routine that spans the face, neck, and chest. The screen will show you where to go and which direction to use the device. As you drag the tip across your skin, hold it taut.

After using MicrodermMD, you should use a serum to soothe the skin.

The system can be used on a weekly basis or up to two or three times per week.

MicrodermMD can offer skin care benefits, but you can depend on a number of factors, such as your skin condition. Many people who have used the system claim that it has worked for them.

While MicrodermMD likely will not work to get rid of deep wrinkles and active acne, it does provide gentle exfoliation that Smooths and improves the appearance of the skin.. Regular exfoliation with MicrodermMD removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores, making skin feel softer and helping your skin care products absorb better.

MicrodermMD uses a diamond tip and a wand to remove dead skin cells. MicrodermMD uses a smaller wand to remove the top layer of skin, while Microdermabrasion uses a larger wand.

Trophy Skin is so confident in the effectiveness of this product that they guarantee it works. The device is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty.

Thousands of customer reviews are available on MicrodermMD. Some reviews are not positive, but the majority are.

Some users found the device comparable to their in-office treatments. “The suction is as good as any I’ve had at spas. The diamond tips feel the same as spas,” writes Susan on Amazon, noting that she invested in the Precision Tip and recommends it to others.

Many users weren’t sure what to expect but were pleasantly surprised. Amazon user Jess writes that “this is magic” and her skin is like “baby skin” after just one use. She was impressed with the amount of dead skin she removed with the device, citing how smooth her skin feels.

Others are more critical. One customer review states that the product damaged their skin, and they experienced burning after use. Several reviews also warn that their device stopped working after several months or years.

“The device has received more than 924 5-star reviews on the manufacturer’s website and more than 250 5-star reviews on Amazon. It received 33 1-star reviews on Amazon and 30 on the manufacturer’s website.”

Trophy Skin has had multiple complaints reported to the Better Business Bureau regarding shipping and refund issues but no reviews.

Customer support is offered by Trophy Skin to fix the issues.

There are many side effects oficrodermabrasion. Treatments in the office can cause redness, swelling, and irritation. Treatments at home may have the same results. Some users have experienced side effects like redness and irritation, but most users report that the device was well-tolerated.

“This product has a diamond-tipped wand and several operating modes, making it a safe at-home option, when used appropriately,” says board certified dermatologist Ife J. Rodney, MD, FAAD. “When trying any microdermabrasion device, it’s important to start at a low speed or ‘Sensitive’ mode first. This decreases the risk of redness, irritation, and scarring of your skin.”

She recommends using the device only a few times. She says removing layers too quickly can cause irritation and skin damage.

It is possible to reduce side effects and restore your skin barrier by applying a moisturizers immediately after each use.

“If MicrodermMD isn’t for you, you may be able to get treatments from a dermatologist or esthetician. Similar treatments include chemical peels.”

Microdermabrasion is very similar. It uses a handheld wand with a crystal tip that gently removes the outermost layer of the skin. The risk of side effects and error is reduced by seeking professional treatments.

Microneedling is a procedure that uses small needles to create wounds. The skin will heal itself and create more elastin and collagen, which will result in a more youthful appearance.

Chemical peels involve removing layers of the skin. They use chemicals instead of physical exfoliation. They can penetrate deeper into the skin, so it requires more recovery time and may experience more irritation. Chemical peels are more effective than other methods.

It is important to take at- home skin treatments seriously. If not used correctly, attempting to treat yourself at home can make your issues worse.

If you are pregnant or have active skin conditions like eczema, you should consult your doctor before using a home microneedling device. This device is not recommended for use with prescription-strength drugs.

“Microdermabrasion can cause side effects. If you experience side effects that don’t improve, you should call a doctor.”

If you have ongoing skin issues, you should schedule a visit to your doctor.

UltradermMD Silk’n ReVit Microdermabrasion Device Nuvederm Microderm GLO Fancii CLARA 4-in-1 Pore Cleanser
Price $299 $99 $289.99 $99
Key feature LCD screen displays easy-to-follow routines uses vacuum stimulation to remove blackheads backed by a lifetime warranty built-in hot and cold compress and LED light therapy settings
Tips 3 tips 3 tips 2 tips 8 tips
Levels/modes 8 suction levels and 3 treatment modes 2 suction modes 2 modes 5 suction strengths

It is easy to get started with MicrodermMD.

You can order the device from any of the authorized retailers. It includes everything you need to start, but you may need to order more as you go.

The device has instructional materials. The screen on the device displays instructions.

Wash your face before using MicrodermMD and have a serum ready to use following the treatment. Trophy Skin recommends using one of their topical serums with the device.

Where on my body can I use MicrodermMD?

MicrodermMD is intended for use on the face, neck, and chest. A larger tip is available. The tip is small, so it may take a while to use it on large areas of the body.

How often should I use MicrodermMD?

You should use MicrodermMD on a weekly basis. You can use it up to three times a week.

Do dermatologists recommend MicrodermMD?

microdermabrasion is recommended by the Dermatologist, but at- home and office treatments can be different. The device was found safe by the dermatologist.

Microdermabrasion is recommended by both dermatologists and estheticians, and has been shown to be an effective treatment for skin rejuvenation. It is recommended to get microdermabrasion done on a monthly basis. This can be time consuming and expensive.

microdermabrasion can be done at home in minutes. It may not be as effective as professional equipment.

The MicrodermMD system is gentle at home. This can improve the appearance of skin and make it look better. It gets positive feedback from users and dermatologists.

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