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Purple Hybrid and Original mattresses on blue background.

In the world of beds-in-a-box, purple is the most prominent. Unlike most mattresses in this category, Purple uses no foam at all. The GelFlex Grid is a gel-like hyper-elastic polymer. The company is named after the color purple.

“The show is centered around The Grid. It is what keeps the mattress cool and why you don’t sweat after you fall asleep. The purple mattresses have a soft, cushiony Grid in them.”

If you are already sold on the purple grid and need help narrowing down your options, read on for our comparison of the purple hybrid and the original purple mattresses.

Purple Hybrid mattress
  • Price: $1,899-$3,798

The original Purple was a success. It is made with layers of support and foam. The addition of pocketed coils gives a more dynamic feel and increases the longevity of the product.

The purple hybrid is the firmest option in the collection and is a good option for people with higher body weights.

Customers are very pleased with the reviews of the purple hybrid. They rave about the support, pressure relief, and comfortable sleep.

The Purple hybrid is free to ship to your door, but it is heavy. You will need two people to safely move it. If you choose, you can upgrade to in- home set up, which includes removal of your old mattress.

The 100 night trial on the mattresses of Purple is free. Each mattress has a 10-year warranty.


  • It was designed for support.
  • responsive with a bounce
  • “It’s a good option for people who share a bed.”
  • The temperature is neutral with good air movement.
  • You can choose standard shipping to your door or in- home setup for an additional fee, including removal of your old mattress.


  • higher price point
  • Firm feel may not be comfortable to all.

Purple Original Mattress
  • Price: $799-$1,998

The original purple mattress was designed to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support. It is a medium-firm mattress that feels stable and supportive. Two inches of GelFlex Grid are supportive enough to support proper alignment.

Two layers of comfort foam are underneath the grid. One is soft and the other firm. The mattress is really comfortable and it has three layers.

There are over 31,000 reviews from mostly happy sleepers, and this mattress was the start of purple. The original is a 100 night trial and 10-year warranty.


  • The price point is more budget-friendly.
  • Medium-firm feel accommodates a wide range of people.
  • neutral temperature
  • “It’s a good option for couples.”
  • You can choose standard shipping to your door or in- home setup for an additional fee, including removal of your old mattress.


  • All-foam construction may not be supportive for higher body weights.
  • lacking in edge support.

The original Purple and the Purple hybrid have some differences. Pricing is one of them. If you choose the hybrid, you will spend $1,000 more on a queen size mattress. The Purple hybrid comes with a $200 instant gift, so you can treat yourself to a new pillow, mattress protector, or sheets, if you purchase it.

You will get $100 in instant gifts if you go with the original mattress.

If you shop around a holiday, you can get the best price.

Purple Hybrid mattress pricing

Twin XL $1,899
Full $2,149
Queen $2,399
King $2,899
Cal King $2,899
Split King $3,798

Prices as of April 2022.

Original Purple mattress pricing

Twin $799
Twin XL $999
Full $1,199
Queen $1,399
King $1,799
Cal King $1,799
Split King $1,998

Prices as of April 2022.

The queen Purple hybrid measures 60 inches by 80 inches by 11 inches deep and has a shipping weight of 122 pounds.

“The queen’s original purple mattress is the same length and width but has a deeper one. It is over 100 pounds.”

The biggest similarity between the original Purple mattress and the Purple Hybrid is the GelFlex Grid layer. Both mattresses are made with two inches of Grid. That means both mattresses are neutral temperature and impressively durable.

The Grid layer is where the similarities end. The Purple mattress is very stable. It has a soft cover that makes you feel like you are in the Grid.

The purple hybrid has a firm feel with a dynamic response thanks to its layer of coils. It is also a few inches taller. It is covered with a soft, stretchy material that has side panels that are Breathable.

The thicker the Grid layer, the more weightless you feel, so the individual body weight and type will play a role in how either mattress really feels in terms of comfort. You can upgrade to other purple mattresses if you want a deeper grid layer.

The Hybrid is a good choice for couples who want to maximize their sleep surface, thanks to reinforced edges that eliminate that “roll off” sensation. The Gelflex Grid in both mattresses offers a boost of neutral temperatureity, but the wrapped coils in the Hybrid allow for greater airflow too, making it a good option if you tend to sleep warm.

With its firm, responsive feel, The Purple Hybrid is particularly well suited to sleepers who are looking for firm yet adaptive support. Back sleepers may find this mattress a great match. Thanks to the GelFlex layer, side sleepers under 240 pounds should also enjoy this option.

The original purple was designed to fit all of the people who slept. It has a medium-firm feel that most people find comfortable.

Sleepers over or around 240 pounds, however, may find that the all-foam design doesn’t offer enough stability and support. Heavier back, side, and stomach sleepers may want to consider a firmer mattress with coils.

The feedback from Purple customers is generally positive. The brand has an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau, with an average of just over four stars from over 360 reviews.

At Trustpilot, a third-party rating website, there are just 19 reviews with a 3-star rating. Reviews here are pretty evenly split between excellent and bad. Most of the negative reviews mention delivery issues.

Mattress Queen Price Trial Period Warranty
Purple $1,399 (foam), $2,399 (hybrid) 100 nights 10 year limited
Leesa $1,199 (foam), $1,899 (hybrid) 100 nights 10 year limited
Casper $1,495 (foam), $1,795 (hybrid) 100 nights 10 years
Nolah $1,149 (foam), $2,299 (hybrid) 120 nights lifetime

Which Purple Mattress lasts longer?

Most mattresses should last between 7 and 10 years. The materials used and the sleeping position may affect the lifespan of a mattress.

Hybrid mattresses tend to last longer than traditional innerspring and even some all-foam mattresses. That means you may have better luck with a mattress from Purple’s Hybrid collection if longevity is the goal.

What is the Purple Hybrid Premier?

If you want a deeper GelFlex Grid layer, you can upgrade from the purple hybrid to the purple hybrid premier 3 or 4. The three-inch grid is found in the premier 3 and four-inch grid in the premier 4. Both mattresses have a layer of individually wrapped coils.

How long do Purple mattresses last?

The life expectancy of purple mattresses is between 7 and 10 years. The support foam used in the GelFlex Grid has a 10-year lifespan.

The GelFlex Grid layer makes purple mattresses stand out. It works well with support foams and coils.

The original purple mattress and the purple hybrid have two inches of grid. You will benefit from a pocketed coil layer that delivers impressive support and bounce, but you will spend more on the hybrid. The original purple has a medium-firm feel and a good balance of comfort and support.