Slumber Cloud bedding and mattress pads

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If you have ever found yourself throwing the covers off at night or need to change positions from being too hot, you may want to consider bedding that keeps you cooler at night. Cotton material, lower thread counts, and technology are used by many companies that market cooling bedding.

The heat is absorbed and released while you sleep. How do their products stack up? We reviewed some of the books.

Slumber Cloud began in 2013 in Colorado. They designed their products for “thermally incompatible” couples.

“Outlast is a temperature-regulating technology approved by the National Aeronautical and Space Administration. They use Outlast to absorb body heat while you sleep and release it back to you as your temperature decreases. You don’t have to be a hot sleeper to get the benefits of what they have to offer.”

There are a variety of bedding options at Slumber Cloud. They also offer loungewear.


  • Free shipping and returns.
  • 180-day warranty.
  • Machine-hygiene and hypoallergenic.
  • “keeps your body temperature regulated so you don’t sweat”
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Not all-natural sheets.
  • “It’s more expensive than other bedding.”
  • There are limited colors available.
  • It smells mild when opening and goes away with laundered money.

Anyone going through different stages of life can benefit from Slumber Cloud. Whether you are buying your first home, getting new bedding for a partner, or going through menopause, Slumber Cloud products are great for both hot and cold sleepers.

The bedding absorbs excess heat. If you get too cold, it will cause you to lose heat and you will stay in a comfortable temperature range all night.

The company says their products are best for couples with one partner who is hot and the other who is cooler. They are a great fit for those who wake up with night sweats, tend to get too warm while sleeping, or want the feel of cotton sheets and a lightweight comforter.

They are best known for their bedding, but they also sell other things. They are not organic. The same temperature regulation technology that NASA uses for their spacesuits is used for their bedding and loungewear.

They have a wide range of bedding options, including mattress pads, comforters, and sheets. That means you can build a bed and stack cooling bedding.


Comforters and covers

Slumber Cloud has five different comforters.

The company describes their lightweight comforter as your everyday comforter. Premium cotton and Outlast fiberfill are used. It felt very soft and nicely draped over a bed. The comforter is light so it keeps you cool even in a warmer room.

It uses unique fibers to hold on to your body heat before releasing it again to warm you up. We thought the comforter was comfortable to sleep in. It is too warm to use in the hotter summer months, but we thought it was light and airy.

Sheets and covers

Slumber Cloud offers sheet sets, duvets, and pillow covers.Their bestselling sheets are the Essential Sheet Set, which comes in eight colors with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Twin sheet sets come with one pillowcase. The sheets are 300 thread count with 60 percent cotton and 40 percent Outlast viscose. Lower thread count might seem lower quality, but this is what helps make sheets more breathable.

The pillowcases are sold individually. The sheets have a soft feel with the Outlast technology. It was like sleeping in a fancy hotel with the first coolness. It is meant to keep you from sweating and overheating.

“We were pleasantly surprised when the coolness went away and we didn’t feel warm or cold.”


Slumber Cloud offers two pillows: the UltraCool pillow and the Core Down Alternative pillow. The UltraCool pillow feels slightly cooler than the Core Down Alternative. We loved how there is little need to flip the pillow during the night because both sides stay cool. Just like their other bedding, the pillow uses Outlast and is filled with Polysilk down-alternative fiberfill. We thought it was plush without being too bulky.

Mattress pads and protectors

There are three mattress pads offered by Slumber Cloud: the Essential, Core, and Performance pads. Each becomes gradually cooler to sleep on, but all use the Outlast technology for temperature regulation.

“The Performance Mattress Pad is the most popular option. It is made of the same technology as their other bedding and fits mattresses up to 20 inches. The mattress pad didn’t seem to collect body heat as other pads do, and there was no noise from shifting around on the pad.”

The filling is 100 percent polyester and is very soft, but not as thick as some others. The company says the comfort comes from your sleeping temperature, not the thickness of the pad. The temperature regulation made the pad very comfortable to sleep on.

The Core Mattress Protector is a waterproof fabric that protects your mattress from spills. It is not as cool as the Performance Mattress Pad. If you deal with night sweats, you can be reassured that your mattress is protected from the elements.


Slumber Cloud sells loungewear for both men and women. They use the same NASA-engineered technology as their bedding products, only it’s applied differently for their clothing. This means they’re comfortable enough to sleep in, but stylish, so you can actually leave the house wearing them.

Slumber Cloud has a variety of tops from long-sleeved to tanks. The STAY-COOL sleepwear products use Nattcool technology that is eight times more absorbent than cotton.

Home and body

  • Laundry products. Slumber Cloud sells their Free & Clear Laundry Pods, reusable wool dryer balls, and Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle, which is a plant-based wrinkle-release spray. They work great for washing your Slumber Cloud bedding or loungewear.
  • Silk sleep mask. This sleep mask contains temperature-regulating lining and can also be sold along with the silk pillowcase. The silk pillowcase is made to fit over your current pillow and protects your skin and hair from damage caused by friction, including split ends.
  • Plush throw blanket. This throw blanket uses ClimaDry fiberfill for temperature regulation. It contains microfiber on one side and brushed flannel on the other for a soft and durable blanket.

Customer reviews are positive. Users say the bedding is soft and comfortable. One user says that he is the pickiest person on the planet. These are the best.

Reviewers say the comforter was too thin or too hot. Some people complain of wear and tear in the comforter after a few washes.

Some users say the free return shipping was not honored, but most seem satisfied with the customer service.

Most cooling or temperature-regulating bedding on the market is not waterproof. It is not going to cool you down or manage your temperature until you have built up sweat and moist skin.

“They don’t want you to have to build up sweat and humidity for the bedding to work for you. It adjusts to your temperature and never gets to the point where you are sweating.”

How does Slumber Cloud compare to their competitors? We appreciated that the bedding is machine washed. Buffy uses a substance called eucalyptus to regulate body temperature, but it is not machine-washable.

Slumber Cloud is the leader in cooling. The Saatva Organic Sateen Sheet Set is 100 percent organic and uses all cotton and a thread count of 300. Outlast technology from Slumber Cloud sheet sets regulates temperature. It is more expensive than other cooling bedding, but Slumber Cloud has a wide range of cooling products so you can build a great bed.

The core product of the brand was mattress pads. The company has seen their popularity rise. It is now their top seller.

If you are on the fence about buying new bedding and want something lightweight and cool, try out the lightweight comforter. A mattress pad or protectors can help you sleep cooler while lying on top of it.

How do you care for your Slumber Cloud bedding?

It is best to follow the instructions on your bedding. The company recommends washing in cold water. The technology will break down if the bedding is exposed to high heat. It is absorbing more heat than your body can handle.

It is okay to wash your bedding on hot every now and then. Accidents happen.

What is Slumber Cloud’s shipping policy?

Shipping is free in the US. If the product is in stock, it will ship out within 24 hours. They offer free return shipping in the US. You will need to pay to return the product if you place your order through a third-party vendor.

Does Slumber Cloud offer a warranty?

You have 60 nights to try out Slumber Cloud products, along with a 180-day warranty. for any defects, which includes how it fits and the stitching. However, the warranty does not cover the temperature performance and damage caused by improper care and laundering.

Those who sleep hotter or those who prefer different temperatures while they sleep are good candidates for Slumber Cloud. You can sleep more comfortably with the help of Outlast technology.

They offer a range of products, including comforters, sheet sets, mattress pads, loungewear, and laundry products. Slumber Cloud has plenty of positive reviews, provides helpful customer service, and offers a 180-day warranty. on their products. We thought it was worth it, especially for people who overheat at night and want a change.

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