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Your cell phone is one of the best health tools.

If you have diabetes, you can use this device to your advantage by using a diabetes management app. The right app can make managing your diabetes easier.

Whether you have type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes, understanding how food, physical activity, and your blood sugar levels interact is critical for managing your condition. If your concern is carb counts, insulin doses, A1C, glucose, glycemic index, blood pressure, or weight management, there’s an app for almost all these concerns and more.

Some apps allow you to share your health data with your medical team so that they can help you make changes to your treatment regimen.

The best diabetes apps of 2022.

  • What do you need them for?
  • User feedback.
  • How easy is it for them to be in your health plan?

Here are the best diabetes apps for 2022, from more comprehensive diabetes management tools to help for the newly diagnosed. Happy download!

A search for “diabetes apps” reveals hundreds of them. You don\’t want to find the best app because your priority is managing your life with diabetes. We did the groundwork for you.

It is best to look for a diabetes app.

  • An app that addresses most of the diabetes management criteria you’re looking for. This could include health information, recipes, carb counting, tracking your blood glucose levels, or just keeping your medical information organized.
  • An app that developers update regularly. This will help to “get the bugs out” so you won’t have the dreaded app crashes and slowdowns.
  • User-friendly features. Entering lots and lots of information is time consuming, and you’re not likely to actually do it. Look for features like preloaded nutrition information, easy-to-click buttons, and helpful reminders.
  • Integration with your other devices. Some apps will integrate with your insulin pump, smartwatch, or other high tech tools you may use to manage your diabetes. These can be time-saving and enhance how you manage your health.

A diabetes management app should not create more work. Taking these factors into account can help narrow your decision.

Best for community conversations

Bezzy T2D

Ever feel alone in your diagnosis? Well, Healthline’s Bezzy T2D is here to bring you together with people on an online forum to discuss anything and everything related to diabetes. There are safe spaces to chat about daily life, diet and nutrition, COVID-19, relationships, newly diagnosed, mental health, and more.

Best for healthful eating


  • iPhone rating: 4.6 stars
  • Android rating: 4.4 stars
  • Price: free, with in-app purchases available

“Knowledge is power when it comes to managing diabetes. Fooducate can help you figure out which foods can keep your blood sugar in a healthy range because not all foods are created equal. The app has more than 300,000 foods. Scan their barcodes and you will see how healthy the food is. Alternative suggestions for more healthy options are available if the food doesn’t make the grade. The app can help you find out more about the foods you put in your body, including added sugar content, hidden ingredients, and more.”

Best for comprehensive diabetes management


  • iPhone rating: 4.7 stars
  • Android rating: 4.4 stars
  • Price: free, with in-app purchases available

This app is almost perfect for type I, type II, and gestational diabetes management. It offers a number of calculation estimates. It can give you reports on your blood sugars for weeks, months, and even years. It can estimate your A1C based on your tracking. The dashboard interface and the ability to sync with your monitor can set this app apart. Reminders that ping you to follow up with more data, like blood sugar levels after a workout, are some of the features that MySugr has. All the data and charts are easy to send to your doctor, so you can work together to adjust your treatment and better manage your diabetes.

Best for integrated tech

Glucose Buddy

  • iPhone rating: 4.8 stars
  • Android rating: 4.0 stars
  • Price: free, with in-app purchases available

You can use the Glucose Buddy app to track steps, exercise, and meals, thanks to the integration with Apple Health apps. You can enter your information manually. The app offers a 12-week diabetes education plan with easy to read tips. The subscription plan gives you an ad-free experience, in-depth reporting on A1C and other measures, and customization options that can make the app even easier for your unique use.

Best for phone and tablet


  • iPhone rating: 4.6 stars
  • Android rating: 4.3 stars
  • Price: free with in-app purchases

The Diabetes:M app has all the features that can be used for diabetes, including a log and tracking system, test time reminders, and integrations with fitness apps. It is phone and tablet friendly. The app has aninsulin blosset calculator that uses the nutrition information you give. Use the app to look at trend graphs and charts in time periods that are convenient for you, or use the Apple Watch app to look at charts. The app allows you to have multiple profiles if you upgrade to the subscription service.

Best for the newly diagnosed

Beat Diabetes

  • Android rating: 4.7 stars
  • Price: free, with in-app purchases available

This app can help you learn more about your condition. You could be a master in no time with the information you have about diabetes. Stay up to date with treatment options and learn the different types of treatment. You can download this pocket guide and see why it is so popular. It is only available on the phone.

Best for blood glucose tracking

OneTouch Reveal

This app, which complements the OneTouch Verio Flex and OneTouch Verio Reflect meters, can be a go-to for automatic insights. Using your blood glucose readings, the app automatically searches for and highlights trends. Is your blood sugar frequently out of range after 9 p.m.? Not only will the app spot the trend, push notifications will alert you so you can take action. The app plots important trend events in a timeline, too, helping you spot patterns. Your physician can log in to review your history and adjust your care plan based on your diet and carb ratios. A clean, color-coded interface reveals your high/low distribution, counts your daily readings, and lets you see at a glance when your sugar levels are stable or out of range.

Best for easy shopping list creation

Diabetic Recipes

  • Android rating: 4.2 stars
  • Price: free, with in-app purchases available

The app allows you to search for diabetes-friendly recipes by style or ingredient. It will create a shopping list when you select your recipes. The built-in counter at Diabetic Recipes can show you how much sugar you take in a day. It is only available on the phone.

Best for personalized tracking

Glucose tracker — Diabetic diary

  • Android rating: 4.4 stars
  • Price: free with in-app purchases

“It’s not the most succinct name, but how it sounds. It is an out-of-the-box app that helps you track the effects of diabetes on your body and mind. This app is meant for people with type 1 or type 2 and gestational diabetes and uses a lot of recording, tagging, and organization tools to help you paint a detailed picture of your journey. You can create tags to track data you are particularly concerned about. You can export your records to your healthcare professional.”

Best for simple blood glucose tracking


  • Android rating: 4.4 stars
  • Price: free, with in-app purchases available

The Diabetes app allows you to track, view, and tag data about your blood sugars. It could be easy for you to look back on your information and share it with your healthcare professional. This app does one thing very well, and it might be the app of choice for those who just want a simple bloodglucose tracking app. It is only available for users of the mobile operating system.

Is there a free diabetes app?

There are many diabetes apps for free. There is a free diabetes app for both Apple and Android devices.

There are a lot of ads on free diabetes apps. Check the terms of service for free apps as they may sell your data to third-party vendors.

What is the best app for type 2 diabetes?

We think all the apps are great. The best app will depend on what features you are looking for.

People with type 2 diabetes who are looking for support and personal connection might want to try Healthline’s Bezzy T2D app. If you’re looking to help manage your diabetes with healthy meals and diet tracking, you might want to try something like Fooducate.

What do diabetes apps help with?

Diabetes apps can help with many things. You can use the apps to set reminders to take your blood sugar, as well as track it over time.

You can download the information to share with your doctor. You can use apps to plan your meals. You can get additional tips and support from other people with diabetes through a few apps.