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The concept of a push present has been increasing in popularity over the past decade.

What is a push present? A new parent is receiving a gift.

We know that the name is a little graphic, but we also know that there is a cute alternative.

But the miraculous feat of bringing a new human being into the world is amazing (whether you have a vaginal or cesarean delivery!), and many people feel that a parent’s hard work and the pain endured should be recognized with a gift.

Almost every new parent you talk with will say that their baby alone is a priceless gift, and nothing else is needed. But if you want to show some extra appreciation for your partner during this huge life event, a push present may be the perfect way to do so (especially if your SO’s love language is receiving gifts).

“A push present is usually given by the new parent’s significant other or family members, and the most typical gift is jewelry. A push present can be something they would love.”

We asked a group of parents what they wanted their children to get for Christmas, and they all had very creative ideas. You can make a gift for your mama-to-be.

Timing is one factor to consider. The push present at the hospital or birth center is preferred by many people.

Choose a private, quiet moment when they’re not being examined, having their vitals taken, or trying to decide when to give baby’s first bath. It’s common to be exhausted and a little distracted after childbirth, so wait for a lull in all the activity.

Some people prefer to give the gift before the baby’s birth (before things get sleepless), while others wait until they are home from the hospital and settling in.

It’s ultimately a personal decision, and you know your significant other best. Whatever you decide, this is sure to be a memorable moment for you both. The birth of a baby is also the birth of a parent, and a push present can be a thoughtful way to acknowledge all they are experiencing.

While the name sounds exclusive to the partner birthing the baby, you might wonder if dads or other partners ever get push presents, as they have been a major source of support during this pregnancy and are themselves undergoing a huge transition to parenthood.

Push presents are for people who are giving birth.

However, if you (the birthing parent) want to show appreciation for all the support you’ve been given by your partner, a gift is a wonderful way to do that! Think of it as a way to say thanks for all the patience, midnight ice cream runs, and foot massages. Check out this list for some ideas.

We looked at quality, function, and sentiment when we looked at this list.

There is a push present for the new parent in your life. We have rounded up some gifts that are sure to please anyone.

Price guide

  • $ = under $50
  • $$ = $50–$100
  • $$$ = $100–$200
  • $$$$ = over $200

Best push present jewelry:

Maya Brenner Birthstone Ring

Price: $$$$

This beautiful 14-karat gold ring is a perfect, classic push present.
Customize it with your baby’s birthstone, and they’ll love wearing it for years to come as a reminder of both you and your baby.

Interlocking Circle Necklace

Price: $$$

This necklace is a lovely gift that captures the unbreakable mother-child bond without being overly mom-y.

It is a piece that mom will wear forever.

Initial Necklace from Etsy

Price: $

If you think you might have more children later, this is a great push present, it is a simple necklace that is completely changeable.

You can add more discs at a later date if you choose to. If you want, you can add initials for baby, your SO, and yourself, representing the whole family unit.

Stephanie Gottlieb Engraved Band

Price: $$$$

“If you are looking for a ring that can be stacked with a bride’s wedding band, this is the one for you.”

“You can choose the metal and engraving your baby’s name or birthdate on the ring. There is an additional charge for diamonds.”

Oak and Luna Mon Petite Name Necklace

Price: $$$$

This gorgeous name-plate necklace is an endearing gift because it is so meaningful to a new mom. You can choose from gold, rose gold, gold vermeil, solid gold or sterling silver as the material for the necklace.

Best keepsake push presents:

“The Story of You” Baby Book

Price: $$

A photo journal is a great gift to give to a new mom to make it easy to take pictures of her baby.

Once you accumulate those cute pics, you can fill up the book with a code for a free set of prints from Everyday Prints.

Newborn and family photo shoot

Price can be different by photographer.

A photo shoot is a great gift for the mother of your child, but will take a little research on your part. The nights will seem long, but the newborn stage flies by, and you will both want professional photos of when your baby was tiny.

Baby’s Heartbeat Art

Price: $

A unique choice, this personalized gift is sure to be a treasure.
Simply send a tracing of your baby’s in utero heartbeat to an Etsy artist, who will transform the sound waves into a beautiful watercolor piece of art. It also adds a personal, sentimental touch to baby’s nursery.

The Birth Journal

Price: $

The birth journal gives the mama the chance to document one of the most significant events in her life, giving birth to her child.

72 lined pages are used for writing your story, and 6 blank pages are used for adding photos.

Best push presents they’ll use daily:

Everly Grey Analise During & After 5-Piece Sleep Set

Price: $$

“New moms spend a lot of time in their PJs. In the early days, you didn’t know if it was day or night, and comfort was the ultimate goal of dressing for success.”

The PJ set includes a cardigan, nursing tank, lounge pants, and a matching set for the baby.

Breville Nespresso Creatista

Price: $$$$

If your baby mama is a coffee lover, this may be the gift for you.

The espresso maker is high quality. It makes a variety of coffee shop favorites, including lattes, macchiatos, flat whites, and cappuccinos.

Kate Spade Tote Bag

Price: $$$$

“Being stylish doesn’t have to be one of the things that will change in her life.”

This gorgeous leather tote from Kate Spade can be used as a diaper bag and keep mom feeling fresh.

Slip Silk Pillowcase

Price: $$

While neither of you will be using a pillow as much as you used to, this luxurious silk pillowcase can make what little sleep mom does enjoy even better.

Silk is renowned for its stay-cool properties, as well as being gentle on hair and skin. After all, new mamas deserve all the self-care.

Natori Luxe Shangri-La Robe

Price: $$$

This robe is a great gift for a new parent who is likely to be tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired and tired

Honest Baby Arrival Gift Set

Price: $

“It is helpful to be prepared for the many essentials a new parent will need in the first few months of their baby’s life. The box contains a number of must-haves, such as diaper rash cream, hand salve, and face and body lotion, all packaged nicely into a wooden crate that can be used for storage.”

UGG Scuffette Slippers

Price: $$

“A new mom should feel pampered, not just after giving birth, but well into the post-birth period as well. She can enjoy sliding her feet into these shearling-lined slippers with a sturdy rubber sole, even if she doesn’t have time for weekly spa trips.”

Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Sheets

Price: $$

A new parent should lie on a set of sheets during the few hours of sleep they can get. Their texture and finish can help with sleep. They are made from long-staple cotton that is OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety.

Best high-tech push presents:

Google Nest Hub

Price: $$

This is a great gift for a connected home. You can control the other devices in the house, see camera footage, make video calls to show off that precious bundle, and start a movie with the help of the Nest Hub.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Price: $$$$

This gift is sure to get a lot of use, and will allow mom to check her phone, weather, and calendar with a flick of the wrist. It has health tracking data, such as sleep patterns and exercise.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Price: $$$

The Paperwhite comes with either 8 or 32 gigabytes of storage. It is waterproof for lounging in the pool or bath, and has a glare-free screen for outdoor reading, which is great for mom who wants to read while relaxing.

Best subscription push presents:

Audible Subscription

Price: $ (monthly)

An audiobook subscription is perfect for those long hours of feedings, walking, rocking, and other activities. Babies start paying attention to screens at a surprisingly early age, so sometimes it is nice to have audio-only entertainment.

BloomsyBox Subscription

Price: $ (monthly)

You can sign up to have hand-curated bouquets of fresh flowers show up at her door, starting wherever she gave birth, to remind her of how special they are all year long.

Stitch Fix Clothing Subscription

Price: $ (monthly)

Many new mothers are frustrated by the transition from normal to maternity clothing. Stitch Fix gives boxes of personally chosen wardrobe pieces delivered every month or on demand.

It will feel great to be able to change their clothes, sizes, etc.

SpaFinder Gift Card

Price: any amount

A massage, facial, or full spa package is a great gift for your partner as they recover from a baby or a baby shower, because it will give them a chance to relax and recuperate.

Qeepsake Subscription

Price: $

New parents often struggle to find time to remember and share their memories, and baby books can be a great way to do that.

The digital application Qeepsake makes it easier for parents to capture and store moments with their children. The app will prompt users with daily text messages that will include a written answer, photo, and video.

“Users can fully personalize the app to their child’s age so that the prompts are relevant to their stage of life and turn their digital journal into a beautiful, personalized book.”

You may want to consider features when choosing the best push presents.

  • Personalization. It’s always a plus when a present has a touch of personalization, be it the baby’s name, the family name, or simply a feature that holds meaning. This little touch can remind a new parent that someone special is thinking of them and that they are deeply loved.
  • Price. Gifting is personal, so it’s important that we chose gifts that covered a wide price range. Depending on your budget, how close or how often you spend time with a new parent, you might want a gift that’s more or less expensive.
  • Customer reviews and editorial testing. We went through customer reviews and tested some of these products on our own to determine which were the best and most loved by new parents. Consider the features that others like and dislike about these products to help you choose the right one.

Why is it called a push present?

“The term push present comes from the idea that a new parent pushes out a baby. It is worth noting that not every birth involves pushing, so the name isn’t completely fitting for everyone.”

The term baby bauble is cute.

Where did push presents originate from?

Cultures have long celebrated and doted upon new mothers, incorporating gifts before and after the arrival of a baby, notes Jodi RR Smith, etiquette expert and owner of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

The trend of using social media to communicate with friends started in the early 20s with the rise of social media and the increased disposable income from the dot-coms.

How much should you spend on a push present?

Smith suggests that you consider how close you are to this person before making a decision on how much to spend on a push present.

Your own budget is another factor to consider. Smith says that no one should go into debt to give a gift with a new baby.

A good range is between $25 and $300.

Are push presents the same as baby shower gifts?

“No. Baby shower gifts are given before the baby’s birth. They usually involve newborn necessities, such as diapers, clothing, toys, and books.”

Push presents are usually items for the parents, such as a clothing item, artwork, or a spa session.