A collage of the best burp cloths

It may not be glamorous, but spit-up, drool, and vomit are a natural part of baby life, especially during feeding times.

“Burp cloths are used for cleaning messes, wiping sensitive skin, and protecting clothing. They are one of the items you will use left, right, and center during your baby’s first year.”

You will definitely want to stock up on these items, but it is unlikely you will have more than you can use. It is possible to have a quality reserve of fresh, clean burp cloths to prevent and conquer the inevitable messes that await you.

You can save yourself from laundry loads by keeping a stockpile in every corner.

We tracked down the best burp cloths based on popularity, reviews, and recommendations.

We looked for burp cloths that are made of cloth.

  • made of natural and semi-synthetic fabrics like cotton and bamboo rayon that are gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • It isdurable enough to last for a long time and wash itself.
  • It was made of high-quality materials.
  • It is affordable enough to be purchased multiple times.
  • It was large enough to provide coverage.
  • It is absorbent, quick-drying, and breathable.
  • It is easy to use.
  • “It’s stylish enough to make you smile.”

Pricing guide

The price of one burp cloth is what we based the pricing guide on.

  • $ = under $4
  • $$ = $4–$8
  • $$$ = over $8

Best overall burp cloth

Luvable Friends Burp Cloths

  • Price: $00
  • Cotton is the material.

The price is right and the quality is on point for these durable burp cloths by Luvable Friends, making them our best overall pick. Each cloth is It was large enough to provide coverage.and you can easily fold it to fit on your shoulder. The cozy flannel fabric has multiple layers that are super absorbent, making clean-ups a breeze.

The 100% cotton sets of four are available in loads of whimsical and placid patterns, including geometric, animal, and floral prints. You can also use the cloth as a blanket or crib liner.


  • It is inexpensive.
  • It is thick and absorbent.
  • It is soft yet durable.


  • After washing, the colors fade.
  • Stitch may come loose.

Best burp cloth with trendy patterns

Copper Pearl Premium Burp Cloths

  • Price: $00$
  • Cotton is the material.

These 100% cotton burp cloths are easy to look at. You will probably fall in love with the patterns and end up using them as a security blanket. There are many popular print options.

The large cloth covers your shoulders and stays put even if you move. The reviewers said they offer superior absorbency with a thick, fleece middle layer that acts as armor.


  • The middle fleece layer is absorbent.
  • thick fabric
  • Modern prints are stylish.


  • After washing, it may lose shape.
  • Too heavy for some.

Best double-duty burp cloth

aden + anais Burpy Baby Bibs

  • Price: $00$$
  • Cotton is the material.

There are a lot of subdued prints for these soft cotton muslin cloths. The shape of the shirt makes it easy to fit over the shoulder and the four layers of absorbent fabric keep it dry.

The innovative design transforms the burp cloth into a bib by snapping the ends together. The bib’s size covers your baby’s upper body, which is convenient for feeds as your baby gets older. You may even use it as a cape during haircuts or trims.

The most expensive burp cloths are the ones that will cost you more for innovation.


  • As a bib, it doubles.
  • Four fabric layers.
  • It is soft and absorbent.


  • pricey option
  • may shrink

Best large burp cloth

Milkbarn Two-Piece Burp Cloth Set

  • Price: $00$$
  • Cotton is the material.or bamboo rayon

The Milkbarn burp cloths are larger than the standard size. The cloths are made from organic cotton and bamboo. They have prints with a vintage feel.

The thin, single-layer muslin cloths are quick-drying, lightweight, and small enough to toss into a bag, car seat, or stroller for life on the go. Getting softer with each wash, you can easily use the cloth as a dish towel or blankie when the spit-up days are done. But, some parents did find that the single layer was not absorbent enough.

Milkbarn and Exile International are working to improve the lives of women and children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A portion of each sale goes to support local communities.


  • Large size provides more coverage.
  • It washes up nicely.
  • It doubles as a blanket.


  • Too thin for some.
  • There were no reviews on the website.

Best affordable burp cloth

Hudson Baby Burp Cloths

  • Price: $00
  • Cotton is the material.

The Hudson Baby Burp Cloths are available in a variety of sizes and prices so you can stock up. The burp cloths are made of 100% cotton and come in a variety of colors and patterns. The material is soft enough for delicate skin.

The cloth fits over your shoulder or can be used under your baby’s chin during bottle feeds. Customers report that these cloths are thick without being bulky, and you can conveniently throw them into your diaper bag without sacrificing precious space.


  • It is inexpensive.
  • Three fabric layers.
  • Unique prints.


  • Too small for some.
  • It is possible that may not be as absorbent as others.

Best burp cloth to give as a gift

KeaBabies Organic Baby Burp Cloths

  • Price: $00$
  • Cotton is the material.

When buying baby gifts, focus on practicality. The KeaBabies burp cloths are a great present option. They are available in packs of five and come in a variety of colors and prints.

The cloths are packaged in cardboard that is presentable on its own, with minimal decorations, or as part of a gift bundle. They are 100% organic cotton and are soft, thick, and absorbent. Even if you have to bend forward or reach for something, the cloths stay on your shoulder.


  • thick fabricabsorbs well
  • The shape is curved.
  • The prints are gender neutral.


  • The color fades.
  • It may bunch.

Best burp cloth for sensitive skin

Burt’s Bees Baby Burp Cloths

  • Price: $00$
  • Cotton is the material.

Burt’s Bees Baby Burp Cloths are soft and gentle enough for sensitive skin so you can confidently wipe your baby’s skin without causing a rash, redness, or irritation. The cloths are composed of 100% organic cotton, making them a sustainable, environmentally friendly option.

Available in packs of five, these fan favorites come in soft prints and solid colors, featuring lightweight fabric designed to withstand wear, tear, and washings. The cloths fold up compactly and are terrific to take on trips and on the go. You can add a bunch to your suitcase or diaper bag, knowing that they’ll be easy to clean while you’re away from home.


  • organic cotton
  • It is gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Excellent strength and resilience.


  • Not as absorbent as others.
  • Smaller size.
  • may shrink

Product Price Material Quantity per pack Why we love it
Luvable Friends Burp Cloths $ cotton 4 durable and absorbent
Copper Pearl Premium Burp Cloths $$ cotton 3 The middle fleece layer is absorbent.
aden + anais Burpy Baby Bibs $$$ muslin cotton 2 doubles as a bib
Milkbarn Two-Piece Burp Cloth Set $$$ cotton or bamboo rayon 2 larger than average
Hudson Baby Burp Cloths $ cotton 4, 7, 10, or 12 Three fabric layers.
KeaBabies Organic Baby Burp Cloths $$ cotton 5 curved design
Burt’s Bees Baby Burp Cloths $$ cotton 5 organic cotton

What fabric is best for burp cloths?

Cotton is the best material for burp cloths. Semi-synthetic fabrics include bamboo and rayon. These materials are absorbent. They feel comfortable with the skin.

What shape of burp cloth is the best?

The best burp cloths are rectangular-shaped and easy to fold. Some cloths have a curve to fit around your neck and stay put.

What is considered normal baby spit-up?

Normal baby spit-up is a small amount of white or clear liquid that a baby expels from their stomach during or after a feeding. Usually, it looks like regular milk or formula, though it can be curdled.

How do I stop my baby from spitting up?

A baby can spit up. Feeding them too fast can cause spit-up. There are positions and techniques that help a baby eat at their own pace. This results in the baby swallowing less air. It helps to burp babies before and after feedings. After feedings, keep your baby upright for 30 minutes and avoid stimulation.

How many burp cloths do I need?

You should have a minimum of 10 burp cloths. You can get through daily feedings with this, and you can put a few in your diaper bag. If you want to do laundry less often, you should buy more.

Burp cloths are a valuable addition to your arsenal of baby supplies. You’ll want to have plenty on hand, especially if you want to use them as blankets or changing pads.

This list is a good starting point. You can always try out a few brands before investing.