Best books for anxiety.
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Anxiety comes in many forms and can affect people in different ways. If you’re dealing with anxiety, you’re definitely not alone. It’s the most common mental health issue facing Americans. Anxiety affects 40 million adults in the United States, which is about 18 percent of the population.

Types of anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety, panic disorder, and specific phobias.

It can have a direct effect on your quality of life. The good news is that anxiety can be treated.

Treatments for anxiety include psychotherapy, stress management techniques, medication, and aerobic exercise. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment. You may be able to combine techniques to manage symptoms.

Self-help books can be a good way to learn new techniques or try something that has worked well for others. There are a variety of ways to tackle anxiety symptoms from different perspectives.

The books on this list were chosen because of the techniques they recommend. Some books were written by doctors and professionals in mental health, while others were written by people who have experienced and overcome anxiety.

Pricing guide

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  • $$ = $12–$15
  • $$$ = over $15

Best overall

At Last a Life

Price: $$$

It can feel like you have lost control of your life when you go through long-term panic and anxiety. It may seem hard to imagine a future without anxiety.

Paul David wrote “At Last a Life” to give hope to others that it is possible to recover from a life threatening illness. The book is based on his personal story and research on anxiety.


  • Personal stories and science-backed research are included.
  • The book has been reviewed and it has been life-changing.


  • The price point of books is higher.

Best for cognitive behavioral therapy


Price: $$$

Barry McDonagh wants readers to do their worst anxiety.

The book focuses on facing anxious thoughts instead of feeding them or ignoring them.

The 10 years of helping people with anxiety that McDonagh has is what inspired his technique. The book has an audiobook and an app for relaxation.


  • based on the evidence.
  • Comes with an app and audiobook.


  • The book is a simplified version of cognitive behavioral theory.

Best for mindfulness

Declutter Your Mind

Price: $$

You know that it can be helpful to de-cluttering your living space. The idea that negative and anxious thoughts take up valuable mental real estate is what the philosophy of “Declutter Your Mind” is about.

The book teaches you to be more aware of your thoughts. It uses techniques to allow you to be present in the moment and control your thought process.


  • “It’s great for people who are interested in meditation.”
  • quick read


  • The writing is not very engaging.

Best for humor

Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety

Price: $

If you want to get rid of anxiety without resorting to traditional self-help books, you should read “Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety”.

“The book believes that reading a self-help book shouldn’t feel like a chore. Robert Duff weaves swearing and humor throughout the information and actionable tips in his book.”


  • It was entertaining to read.
  • There is a sequel to depression.


  • It is short and not in-depth.

Best for the latest research

The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook

Price: $$$

“Facing anxiety is a work in progress. Many of us don’t know where to start. The title suggests that it is the anxiety and depression workshop.”

The tools and skills in this workbook are designed to help you manage anxiety symptoms. The workbook is A cognitive behavioral therapist wrote it. and is based on research on anxiety.


  • A cognitive behavioral therapist wrote it.
  • The updated for 2020 focuses on the latest research.


  • It is pricier than comparable options.

Best for actionable lifestyle tips

The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution

Price: $$$

An unbalanced diet can have effects on other areas. The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution suggests that food can impact brain chemistry and emotions.

The book has tips on how to eat more. There are tips for how to reduce anxiety symptoms and how the food we eat plays a role in those symptoms.


  • actionable tips for diet and lifestyle
  • A nurse wrote it.


  • Information is mostly based on two other books.

Best for historical information

My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind

Price: $

It can be a very personal experience. Many people experience it in different ways.

“Scott Stossel explores the condition’s history with his own journey with anxiety. He offers opinions from scientists, philosophers, and other writers.”

In addition to the many treatments that were developed to relieve anxiety, “My Age of Anxiety” also provides personal stories of people who have found success in controlling their symptoms.


  • Personal stories are shared with an honest and frank tone of voice.
  • It is well-researched, with science-backed information.


  • Some reviewers described it as a history lesson.

Best for relational advice

The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You

Price: $

Elaine Aron, PhD, a therapist, says that if others have described you as too sensitive or shy, you might be a highly sensitive person.

Aron\’s book, “The Highly Sensitive Person,” is designed to help you understand and recognize the sensitive qualities that make you a good person.

Aron is a highly sensitive person and her perspective comes from a place of understanding.


  • A person who is a highly sensitive person wrote the piece.
  • actionable is included.


  • The It may be outdated..

Best for personal stories

From Panic to Power: Proven Techniques to Calm Your Anxieties, Conquer Your Fears, and Put You in Control of Your Life

Price: $

You can feel powerless and out of control when you have panic attacks.

Lucinda Bassett shares how she used techniques to manage anxiety and regain power in her book “From Panic to Power”.

She offers skills and methods to help you deal with anxious thoughts.


  • The author has a personal experience.
  • Over 72,000 hardcover copies have been sold.


  • “Reviewers don’t think the book has enough helpful advice.”

Best for specific techniques

Hope and Help for Your Nerves

Price: $—$$$

The physical symptoms caused by anxiety may be minor to people who have never experienced them. Quality of life can be affected by anxiety, but it can be made a lot better by people who live with it daily.

The late Dr. Weekes was a great help to patients with anxiety. The techniques in “Hope and Help for Your Nerves” will help you understand your anxiety and help you manage it.


  • You are shown techniques to help minimize anxiety.
  • It covers many scenarios that are common for people with anxiety.


  • Information and It may be outdated..

Best for learning about medication

When Panic Attacks

Price: $$

Anxious thoughts can be very deceiving. They feel legitimate when you have them.

The goal of “When Panic Attacks” is to help you confront your anxious thoughts.

Dr. David Burns believes in treating anxiety without medication. He shares the latest research on anxiety and depression medications and why he thinks they may do more harm than good.


  • 40 helpful techniques to help anxiety.
  • Includes surveys and questions.


  • It may be outdated.

Best workbook

Panic Attacks Workbook: A Guided Program for Beating the Panic Trick

Price: $$$

“If you don’t know what’s happening, panic attacks can be terrifying. They can still make you feel powerless even after you have become familiar with them.”

ThePanic Attacks Workbook is designed to help you understand panic attacks and break the cycle of anxious responses. It uses charts and formulas to help you recover.


  • Explains how panic attacks work.
  • charts and a work of art


  • People with generalized anxiety are not affected.

Best for in-depth understanding

The Anxiety and Worry Workbook: The Cognitive Behavioral Solution

Price: $$

One of the most effective treatments for anxiety is cognitive behavioral therapy.

The cognitive behavior therapy techniques used by therapists are included in a workbook.

Tools are offered in the Anxiety and Worry Workbook to better understand and manage anxiety thoughts andtriggers.


  • Over 25 years, the treatment approach was tested.
  • Includes homework and a few other things.


  • The back-and-forth from the book and the sheet can be overwhelming.

Price What it’s best for Customer rating
Dare $$$ learning about cognitive behavioral therapy skills 4.5 out of 5 stars
Declutter Your Mind $$ implementing mindfulness into your day-to-day 4.5 out of 5 stars
Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety $ funny stories and making light of hard situations 4.5 out of 5 stars
The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook $$$ doing activities to help you make sense of feelings of anxiety or panic 4.5 out of 5 stars
The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution $$$ lifestyle tips that you can carry with you 4.5 out of 5 stars
My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind $$$ historical information and scientific data to back up advice 4.5 out of 5 stars
The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You $$$ people who often feel overwhelmed by worldly events and things going on around them 4.5 out of 5 stars
From Panic to Power: Proven Techniques to Calm Your Anxieties, Conquer Your Fears, and Put You in Control of Your Life $$$ personal anecdotes 4.5 out of 5 stars
Hope and Help for Your Nerves $$ learning specific techniques to help with your anxiety 4.5 out of 5 stars
At Last a Life $$$ science-backed techniques on approaching anxiety 4.5 out of 5 stars
When Panic Attacks $$$ learning about meditation 4.5 out of 5 stars
Panic Attacks Workbook: A Guided Program for Beating the Panic Trick $$$ guided activities and journaling prompts 4.5 out of 5 stars
The Anxiety and Worry Workbook: The Cognitive Behavioral Solution $$ in-depth understanding about anxiety and panic 4.5 out of 5 stars

There are many different ways to deal with anxiety. Some methods work better for certain people. If you want to learn about specific techniques, you should look for a book that focuses on that.

A book written by a doctor, a therapist, a counselor, or a psychologist is a good idea. You can feel confident that the information is science-backed.

“Some books about anxiety are written by non- medical professionals and focus on the author’s experience. There are many books that will help you understand people’s personal anecdotes.”

You may want to look for a book that was published recently. A book that came out in the last 20 years will probably not include the most up-to-date information about mental health conditions, medication, or helpful techniques.

If you are experiencing anxiety, you may want to see a mental health professional.

  • Your symptoms are interfering with your daily life.
  • You are experiencing physical and mental symptoms.
  • You have been experiencing these symptoms for a long time.

If you need a psychologist or therapist, your primary care physician can refer you. These professionals can help you find ways to manage your anxiety.

What is the difference between stress and anxiety?

An external cause of stress is most of the time. During times of difficulty at work, stress can be short-term. There may be no cause for anxiety. It can be persistent and can lead to physical symptoms.

What is the best book to overcome anxiety?

Our pick for the best overall book on anxiety is “At Last A Life” by Paul David. However, there are dozens of anxiety-based books on the market, many of which cover different research or personal experiences. A single book might not be as helpful to some people as others.

Can reading books help with anxiety?

Yes! Reading can help with stress and anxiety. Some doctors use bibliotherapy for patients with mental health conditions.

It is possible to find ways to manage anxiety attacks by reading books about it.

“Although these books can be helpful, they shouldn’t replace working with a licensed mental health professional.”

If you feel like you need help with your anxiety, schedule an appointment with a professional.