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Tofu is often associated with stir-fries and curry, but this plant-based food made from Condensed Soy Milk is a wonderful addition to breakfasts.

Tofu may have health benefits.

Tofu breakfast recipes are great if you are following a vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based diet, but they are also helpful for incorporating a healthy source of lean meat into your diet.

There are 10 healthy tofu breakfast ideas.

tofu scramble on toast
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1. Tofu breakfast scramble

A tofu breakfast scramble is a variation on scrambled eggs. Tofu is similar to eggs in texture. Tofu is a great egg substitute for breakfast dishes.

The following recipe links are available.

Tofu scrambles can be spiced up with extra ingredients. Bell peppers, tomatoes, and spinach add vitamins and minerals while mushrooms and beans provide a lot of calories.

Tofu is also very nutritious on its own. Just 1/4 block — or 2.8 ounces (81 grams) — packs 14 grams of protein and plenty of calcium, manganese, and iron (1).

Cooking tips

It is very easy to create unique dishes using your favorite ingredients once you have mastered a basic tofu scramble.

In short, all you need to do to make a tofu scramble is warm a bit of oil, butter, or another fat in a pan over medium heat, crumble up your tofu, add it to the pan, season it as you wish, and cook it until it’s warm.

Here is a quick but detailed tutorial on making a tofu scramble. What I love about this recipe is that it also includes a couple of suggestions for adding extra flavor.

2. Tofu breakfast burrito

It is perfect for breakfast burritos since it mimics eggs.

All you need to do to is prepare your favorite tofu scramble and wrap it in your tortilla of choice — or skip the tortilla altogether and make a tofu breakfast burrito bowl.

To get the most nutrition out of a tofu breakfast burrito.

  • Incorporating veggies with high levels of nutrition.
  • Choose a whole grain tortilla.
  • Use portion control with condiments that add calories.

Check out this tofu scramble breakfast burrito recipe and video tutorial.

3. Tofu egg muffin cups

If you love to start your day with an egg but are looking to eat more plant-based meals, consider tofu muffin cups instead of similar egg-based versions.

They may be just as filling as meat dishes. Plus, they work well in meal prep routines (2).

This tofu muffin cup recipe is heavy on the veggies and was developed by a registered dietitian (RD).

4. Tofu breakfast bake

Tofu is a good meat substitute for people who want a comforting vegan casserole.

Tofu breakfast casserole recipes are easy to make.

For some ideas, check out this vegan Mexican egg casserole or this classic recipe that loads up on veggies.

5. Tofu toast

Tofu is an easy breakfast to make.

Tofu is a great addition to toast. It is a great way to pair lean and healthy fat with a slice of bread.

Adding extra protein to your morning toast with tofu might even keep you full for longer and help you lose weight (3, 4, 5).

You can also skip the avocado and opt for tofu on hummus toast or with another veggie spread.

Try this classic recipe for tofu avocado toast.

6. Tofu bacon strips

If you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, this tofu breakfast idea may be right for you.

Tofu bacon strips can be used in many of the same ways as real bacon, and they do a great job of mimicking the flavor.

Here’s a really simply tofu bacon recipe to help get you started.

If you’re looking to experiment with a few more flavors, try this one.

“If you don’t have liquid smoke, use another ingredient like soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce.”

7. Tofu breakfast sandwiches

Tofu is a great substitute for meat and eggs in vegan and plant-based breakfast sandwiches.

To make a tofu breakfast sandwich, follow these simple steps:

  1. Prepare the tofu. Open the tofu and drain any excess water. Season the tofu with herbs and spices of your choice. Then thoroughly warm the tofu in the oven or on the stovetop.
  2. Choose your bread. Consider opting for a whole grain variety.
  3. Gather your toppings. You can load up on nutrients with extra veggies. Just remember that some condiments are high in sugar, salt, and calories.
  4. Tofu and other items are placed on the bread.
  5. Enjoy!

If you’ve got a little more time to dedicate to your meal, this tofu breakfast sandwich gives step-by-step instructions on making mock egg patties with tofu.

8. Tofu morning smoothie

Tofu’s mild flavor lends itself to breakfasts since it tends not to overwhelm an entire dish, instead absorbing the flavors of the other ingredients. This makes tofu a fabulous addition to smoothies.

Tofu works well in place of milk, yogurt, and other dairy products in smoothies. This is helpful if you want to make a vegan smoothie.

What’s more, tofu is rich in isoflavones, or plant compounds that may help prevent chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease (6, 7, 8, 9).

Silken tofu is the best type for smoothies. Silken tofu is softer than firm tofu, making it easier to blend.

“If you store and handle this plant-based protein well, you don’t have to worry about it getting warm before you add it to the blender.”

You can easily use tofu in any smoothie recipes, but I’m particularly fond of this classic strawberry-banana tofu smoothie.

9. Tofu pancakes

Tofu can be used in pancake batter to make a sweet breakfast.

For starters, you can use tofu to add extra protein while still achieving the light, fluffy texture pancakes are known for with this tofu pancake recipe.

10. Tofu overnight oats

Overnight oats are filling, nutritious, and only take a few minutes to prepare the night before.

Tofu is one of the many ingredients that can be used with overnight oats.

Here’s a recipe for peanut butter banana protein oats with tofu.

You can enjoy tofu during any meal, including breakfast.

Tofu is particularly suited for vegetarian and vegan breakfast recipes because of its mild flavor, variety of texture, and ability to mimic eggs and breakfast meats.

Plus, tofu is a filling source of protein that’s rich in many nutrients and healthy plant compounds.

Just one thing

Try this today: To build a balanced breakfast meal, pair these tofu recipes with a few of the best foods to eat in the morning.